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Trouble. Brewing on my mind, Why are you so blind? I can feel it rise – Like a dying sun. Brave. Everything’s unchanged – Billowing like waves; Heart inside a cage. Easier said, Harder done my friend, I am sailing on an empty sea – can you still hear me? Free. Flying, drifting – we. ….  Read More

Langit at Lupa (Edited)

Daig pa ng kunyaring ulap tumakip ang ┬áhangin, at hangarin- sa gitna ng alapaap parang litratong di tunay- pilit na sinikap paglapitin kapangayarihan ng Photoshop ngunit ang mga patlang sa gitna na pilit mang tanggalin, at pagugnayin – ay ukol sa pagkakaibang di man mapapansin, langit at lupa, bata – matanda, mayaman – dukha, nakahawlang ….  Read More


  I held you in my hand, you were weak, slipped through, like a thunder streak, vanished from my sight, pain, our plight, you are me and I, you, mirrors, breathing the same air, longing for the same dream, each night we reenact, and renew our pact, that was written, a million light years, of ….  Read More


nine thousand miles, ten thousand heartbeats, one key. my synapses, dendrites and axons are far from being cheated, not a fading memory of how you caress my soul, with your calming voice, you must be an angel shuttling to and fro, from heaven to my consciousness, how beautiful you spread your wings, and your feathers ….  Read More


This, my longest night, your face hidden from sight, Our latitudes meet, magnetized poles underneath; This sky, so vast and dark, like your soul, I am disarmed Captured under your midnight blanket, prisoner of your warmth; Let me loose, enchanter, master of disguise, Skin against skin, invisible dreams, You and I alike, This indestructible lock, ….  Read More