Month: October 2016

The Fall

When autumn came, I was ready to fall, along with the leaves and broken branches – now unafraid to be serenaded by the shadows of winter summer is now but a long and lost memory and I, waiting for rebirth in the stillness of today #scribbles #pencilart #afternoonthoughts

Words That Make Me Who I am

  There are stories that will be forever etched in my memory. I am as real as all the good bones inside my frame. Drop by drop, my blood is alive and I am who I am, a woman with a pen in one hand, and a prayer inside my ruptured soul. Read More:


I think of you, the world in between is chaos; when I breathe or pause, I fly away to this distant memory, a natural response.   My mind is now so tired of things, but never of you, never of the days that made a difference, never of the freedom it offered,   and as I move in my ….  Read More

Forgotten Wave on a Distant Shore

  I reach for you. Like the waves, my fingers almost touching shore but never getting there. Sometimes the sea is so vast and stronger waves reach the best shores,but I am just weak, like a whisper that you cannot hear.