Month: August 2017

Summer Haiku

I love the sound of rain, like the beating of my heart when you are close to me. It reminds me of the synergy of nature- and the rebirth of life as each drop of rain resurrects seeds from the parched arid land. Rain refreshes my mind after a long summer day, of waiting for ….  Read More


Fall for a god, What greater wrath brought it naught, To see the sun serenade the stars, Whilst the moon is left distraught; Watch the face of death, Know the taste of love, Is it not farce that meeting such, Tears become laughter in the mouth? Beauty is in love and death, Seers and prophets ….  Read More


Maliit pa lang ako ay lagi na akong binabantayan ng aking mga magulang dahil madali akong madapa. Sabi nila ay “flat footed” ako. Sa totoo lang, ako ay “clumsy” at “awkward” dahil minsan, masyadong ┬ámabilis ang takbo ng aking isip kaysa sa aking katawan. Maliit pa lamang ako ay ako ang ┬ápaboritong laruan ng aking ….  Read More