Month: May 2017


Spill it out, spill it out, Your mind is a drought. Sleep has no room in the wars of the heart; No justice in silence, no cure in fear- No healing, no mercy, just your silent tears, shadows are hiding what’s in the loom; When  flowers are dying, and dead in the bloom – all that’s left is ….  Read More

Age of Wisdom

I have gotten old, I have gotten old, My soul though aged, is loudly bold, I can shout at my demons, and make them fold, Spin my emotions into threads of gold. The sag on my face is a work of art, My arms are drooping, but my spirit’s stout, I know I can dream, when ….  Read More

Patlang – Void

Paano ba sukatin ang lalim ng dagat? Ilang oras ba ang kailangan gugulin upang magmahal? Isa? Dalawa? Tatlo? Isang Araw ba? Upang malaman na totoo at wagas? O dalawampung taon, dalawang dekada? O isang kisapmata? – When a lifetime unfolds before your eyes in seconds. Filling the void. I saw it and everything faded in ….  Read More