Month: August 2016

Prayer to Close Doors that Have Been Opened

To you, the souls that have been roused, From your slumber and peaceful sleep, A pact for oblivion, I shall weave, I will no longer in my dreams weep; I offer you my prayer of hope and peace, Salvation and happiness, spare you from tears, I am a fool and the passages of time Were opened, ….  Read More

Transient Life

  “Terrible force of life, I embrace Thee…” -of the many forces, only love surpasses all.   I often wondered if truly we existed only in one plane, or if this is the only reality there is. There are things that I cannot explain or make sense of, like places and events and people whom ….  Read More


  For every pain, there is a balm, Every wound, a scar; Every journey is by far, A gauge of how tough you are. Leave behind worries, It has been a long wait, Some will listen to your stories, Some will ridicule your fate. Let your happiness be yours, Not someones else’s place, Perhaps you ….  Read More

Sound of Rain

Today I cried, a thousand tears, I heard you, and you me, but the muted sounds of our souls are dying For this, our destiny You speak without words, I act without gestures, We are missing all the cues The world now nearing darkness, All I hear, your sadness, and this is just madness of rainbows ….  Read More


Let us shake our heads, violently fight against their words, We can be more than who we are, be greater than the sun, Our spears will hold them away, keep us from hurt and fear, Light up! Show up, take heart my dear; You are a God beneath your flesh, break down the cocoon and bare the ….  Read More

Let us Be

When I was young, I lost myself, Trusted much, stupid love. I hated that, I didn’t see, Destiny stolen, Old man of the sea. Let the summer, take the best of me. I was a thorn, Stuck in their necks, my wisdom faint, my life a wreck. How come I did not see? Life’s been a ….  Read More

Without Words

I just know, flowers on this bed, I was once cold and dead, you waked me. The storm isn’t over, it brews and I shatter, into a million splinters of hope. Invisible thread, weaved into my head. as the heart bled. Just a look, a sigh, one breathe. Til the ends of this earth, I am not ….  Read More


Can I tell you you are beautiful? If beauty belonged to a soul? and spiritual longings, transcendental and ethereal? I was never born with wings,they were clipped and stolen, Until you gave them back. So many fragments of loneliness, found its way to my heart, I am no longer whole, but half. Alive and yet ….  Read More


  A city full of thoughts, inside my head, can barely breathe, stupified by what? Fear, love, both? Happiness and sadness, a bad combination, I shouldn’t have let the darkness eat my soul- But the lights, the city lights, are too beautiful to ignore. Pain when night is gone.


Disarray, confusion, disorder I am an antithesis, and you a welcome reprieve, respite, balance, direction all in a cup. I drank from it and died, and lived. Time is a foe, and silhouettes cover the door, pebbles on the floor, I walked barefoot, and wept when it closed. Braver and whole.