Month: March 2017

Farewell to Happiness

    Dear Pan, I have left my happy thoughts in a satchel for you to keep. I am starting to un-grow my wings and somehow realized that I need to let go of giggles and smiles. The world where I am in is a bit bleak and I have to wear courage like a ….  Read More


nine thousand miles, ten thousand heartbeats, one key. my synapses, dendrites and axons are far from being cheated, not a fading memory of how you caress my soul, with your calming voice, you must be an angel shuttling to and fro, from heaven to my consciousness, how beautiful you spread your wings, and your feathers ….  Read More

Pagsibol Ng Panganay

Sabi ng aking ina, ito daw ang pinakamatandang puno sa hardin, at ang tawag nya dito ay “panganay”. Ako ay natawa ng bahagya, dahil sabi nya ay “ikaw yan anak”, “panganay kasi kita”. Isang umaga ay nagtanim kami sa likod bahay ng mga halaman. Kasama ko ang aking ina na matagal ko nang di nakita. ….  Read More

Beautiful Mess

I am the noise inside your head, You are my beautiful distraction; Sometimes it is better to listen, and keep yourself hidden, Between lines and spaces, Shapes and figures, Words. I do not intend to stay long, Just a passerby without intention; I leave my heart with you, In silent admiration. -cricket