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Trouble. Brewing on my mind, Why are you so blind? I can feel it rise – Like a dying sun. Brave. Everything’s unchanged – Billowing like waves; Heart inside a cage. Easier said, Harder done my friend, I am sailing on an empty sea – can you still hear me? Free. Flying, drifting – we. ….  Read More

Summer Haiku

I love the sound of rain, like the beating of my heart when you are close to me. It reminds me of the synergy of nature- and the rebirth of life as each drop of rain resurrects seeds from the parched arid land. Rain refreshes my mind after a long summer day, of waiting for ….  Read More


  I held you in my hand, you were weak, slipped through, like a thunder streak, vanished from my sight, pain, our plight, you are me and I, you, mirrors, breathing the same air, longing for the same dream, each night we reenact, and renew our pact, that was written, a million light years, of ….  Read More