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  Sa bawat pag gising, salamat. Maubos man ang dahon sa puno, bukas ay may pag-asang nag aantay. Mapagod man ang puso sa pag iyak, may sigaw man na pumupuslit sa katahimikan. Sa bawat sandaling ako ay Iyong tangan, bawat luha ay biglang napaparam. Walang agam-agam, o alinlangan- kamay ko ay Iyong handang hawakan…


How much time do we still have on this earth to fulfill our dreams? Time to laugh and just feel free from everyday concerns in life. Time to connect with people we love and to show them how they have made a difference in our lives. Nobody knows for sure how long we have, but ….  Read More


Ina. Di na muling iiwan, Di na pababayaan, Ang kamay na nag gabay, Sa tulay ng buhay. Ngayon ang umagang, Masusumpungan- Di na muling mag-iisa, Di na lilimutin, Sa panibagong araw, Kamay na lumingap, Maghihilom na, Ang lahat ng sugat…


Thunder underneath my feet, My bones are weak, Eyes longing for sleep – It has been days, and a week (years?) How can I still feel, miles away and still, Eyes glued, souls intertwined, Memories kept in time. I passed by to forget; Unfold a vision without regret – I was meant to see, I ….  Read More

Even in Winter

How can you think that I have forgotten Thee? Trees are all I see, The sun keeps watching me; Over the clouds, smiling and hovering How can you think I have forgotten thee? When in winter, I feel you closer? Underneath the clouds, You cannot be found, And I left, bereft, So many words unsaid. ….  Read More

Burned (In the midst of winter)

You can never go far, chasing a star. It burns you, tears you apart. If you are lucky, you can make some art.  Yet a star feels harsh on the skin, it sears from within. Never let your eyes stare, at its glare, lest you have enough air, to breathe and live. For the light ….  Read More


Ako lang ba ang nakadinig, Ng iyong pagtangis sa kabila ng mga halakhak at pagtawa? Ako lang ba ang nakabasa Sa iyong pagkabalisa? O sadyang guni-guni lamang Ang lungkot sa iyong mata? Ako lang ba ang nakakita ng malayo mong tanaw sa kawalan, tila walang patutunguhan? Baka naman ang iyong katahimikan ay sadyang mapaglinlang? At ….  Read More


I came to save you but in the end, I needed to save myself; This place is heaven and hell, This path is not for the weak of heart; And I am just learning to swim, blinded with the idea that an act of heroism can somehow make it easier for us, but this war ….  Read More


Fall for a god, What greater wrath brought it naught, To see the sun serenade the stars, Whilst the moon is left distraught; Watch the face of death, Know the taste of love, Is it not farce that meeting such, Tears become laughter in the mouth? Beauty is in love and death, Seers and prophets ….  Read More


I welcomed you and you were blind, You’ve opened places That were once shut- You  broke rules and I, just watched you from behind. Take me away into your madness, I  no longer fear nor run, Roam and decipher, Live and wander, Within the attic of my (your) mind. -Cricket