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Trouble. Brewing on my mind, Why are you so blind? I can feel it rise – Like a dying sun. Brave. Everything’s unchanged – Billowing like waves; Heart inside a cage. Easier said, Harder done my friend, I am sailing on an empty sea – can you still hear me? Free. Flying, drifting – we. ….  Read More

About You

The many layers of me, wanted to know, the many facets of you; Each one intricate, So intensely interested, to see and feel – a touch of your soul, even the wind, ever so gently whispers your name, leaves me insane, so I die each day, not knowing if each piece of your many truths, ….  Read More


Salamat, Ama sa maikling panahon, at sa pagka-taong iyong hinubog, Gintong pangaral na mahinahon, Ang iyong talino na nananalaytay sa aking dugo; Walang ibang nais, Kundi iyong katahimikan, Saan ka man hinatid ng Maykapal, Ama, nais kong iyong malaman; Ang bukas man ay mailap, Tuloy ang pagsisikap, Sapagkat ikaw ay aking gabay, Mapapag-tagumpayan ang buhay. ….  Read More


  Sorry, patawad, hindi ko din mawarian, kung bakit andito pa ako kung saan mo iniwan; paano nga ba ang proseso, upang ika’y kalimutan? Minsan sarili ay di ko maintindihan. Sandaang taon na ang lumipas, Lahat ng litrato natin ay sadyang kumupas, Ngunit sa bawat panaginip, Parang birong sumasagi sa isip; Teka nga muna, kailangan ….  Read More

First Dance

I was thirteen, the world was young, The night was light and so were your words, Older by two years at least, You were oddly serious – looking, and I was Sitting there, across the room Music played, I was my usual quiet self. Just  when I decided, sleep was better, Than the noisy world, ….  Read More

Summer Haiku

I love the sound of rain, like the beating of my heart when you are close to me. It reminds me of the synergy of nature- and the rebirth of life as each drop of rain resurrects seeds from the parched arid land. Rain refreshes my mind after a long summer day, of waiting for ….  Read More


Mirror, mirror on the wall, You are the fairest of them all- Your soul has brightness, resonates, Envious  moonlight seals our fate. I lit a candle in the dark, Shot an arrow, missed the mark, Mirror, mirror can’t you see? I see you, and I see me. Mirror, mirror now I know, Your heart is ….  Read More


  Something light, something sweet; something that makes me smile – Coffee beans and laughter, happy-ever-afters, unforgotten summer. A robin passed by and chirped, the song reminded me of that week; Something witty, something unique, Something uplifting, intellectual mystique. I close the book with a wish, on bleak days like these- All I need are coffee ….  Read More

Until We Part

Until We Part Drifting souls, bodies gone, Unspoken words, songs undone, Traces forever etched, Left too soon, wicked pride. hearts that ebbed, Minds collide Not quite, not quite, unbroken thread, Until we part, in life, in death. “Infinite. Unbroken. Into the hands of God.” (One for the road, Monday.) -cricket

The Room

Across the room he looks at her.  The silence was almost unbearable. She fidgeted on her seat, searching inside her purse to avoid the conversation. She was never one who liked attention. The rain poured. She wondered how she got to where she was that day. It was both a desperate search to mend her lack ….  Read More