How much time do we still have on this earth to fulfill our dreams? Time to laugh and just feel free from everyday concerns in life. Time to connect with people we love and to show them how they have made a difference in our lives. Nobody knows for sure how long we have, but as we go about our daily routine, we struggle to cope with many demands imposed by society.

How many times must we postpone that walk on the beach? How many opportunities have we wasted to thank our family or friends for the things they have done for us? Must we wait until we are on the deathbed to reconcile our differences with people – or at least be at peace with whatever situation we are in?

When we hit our 40’s, we are in the middle of that graph for our life expectancy. By this time, assuming we have gone according to our plans, we have established a career, a family, finished education, or on our second phase which is a pre-retirement stage. Most of us still whack the life out of ourselves just to meet expectations of people around us. Some are painfully still caught in limbo. As  an old adage goes, life begins at forty (something) (ish) or so.

Some people are shooting stars who make it big and die young. Some do not have to sweat it out and are handed what they want on a silver platter. Some work so hard and are still stuck.

Today a realization about time came to me. I do not hold the future, and the past is gone. Today is what matters. Today I shall laugh and live as I want.

Time is all we have,
Let me spend it with you,
Hands held tight;
Can you feel me,
My soul is reaching out-
All I have is time.
I can see the laughter-
It’s written in your eyes,
Of unsaid words,
Of unsung songs,
Unspeakable dreams-
All we have is time now,
Can you still hear me?
Every minute with you,
Heals me, fills me-
I give you time,
All the lost time,
All that should’ve been-
I am here to make you
Smile and dance again;
If time will let me,
If fate will let me win,
I will give you all my time,
To keep you warm at night-
Just as you have given me
My life.

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