Caffeine Madness

Let me drink my fifth, and my heart shudder and fail Of  bitterness that I taste from you, the lukewarm look from your eyes, they no longer matter, I drank my last, last night. While the music drowned me in your absence, and you were somewhere, where you ought to be, as long as it is ….  Read More


No. Do not visit me in places where you are not welcomed. What makes you think it is about you? The songs in my head are exclusively mine, and you are past your bed time. My thoughts are mine to keep, and you – a vagrant trying to open locked doors, locked for the sake of ….  Read More


Circles that go nowhere but inside your core I don’t care if you don’t, I am unaffected, affected by you. Life is a conflict of wants and hates and in-betweens, you make me confused about contexts, but you have cleared my vision. How could that be, I exist but in another plane, a universe that ….  Read More

Death by Love

I gasp for air and feel perplexed at how a creature like you can silence your restless soul. My eyes have seen you in different forms and the shadows have revealed your true beauty amidst the darkness your pale face- innocent yet, goes in contrast with your arrogance, patterns overflow from your soul, seeping into ….  Read More

Beyond Forty

  And since sleep has no intentions to visit me tonight, I start this first blog post. I meant to catch up on my reading but ended up doing this site. I hate to waste my inspiration so here goes nothing.   This site is about some random thoughts, things that are a result of ….  Read More